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Keep pushing towards the future!

on 28/02/2010

I may have mentioned in another post that I am an untrained designer, no one person or professional course has taught me design. Because of this I make fundamental mistakes and because of this I am planning to go back to college full-time. At present I’m still trying to decide what course I should do.


Ah, to be this equiped!

It’s not as if I’m a complete novice, I feel I could hold down a design assistant or a basic web design position. But I know XHTML, CSS. I know of standards and a lot of designing to support the disabled, a subject close to my heart. But my PhotoShop skills are in need of polish and I want to learn php and mySQL, but aside from designing I’m a computer geek. I’ve survived knowing a little of everything, networking, office applications, graphics, hardware, programming, 3D graphics, level design etc etc. So the temptation to do a general wide-reaching course is tempting.

But should I focus on a specific course, something to do with media or design? I would like to do them all but I have time constraints and I need to get my self to an employable level of training as soon as possible, then I can study other subjects at leisure. So at the moment I got to wait till next month to discuss it with someone at the college to try to resolve my dilemma and then a 6 month wait for the course to start assuming I get accepted on the course. I am very excited about this and cannot wait for the course to begin but I am also faced with financial instability so I need to look for something temporary till then and/or something on the weekend I can keep doing while I study.

But what ever happens I’m just please to be moving on with my life, Take care.

Neil Griffiths


2 responses to “Keep pushing towards the future!

  1. Hey Neil. Why not look into doing a web design course as its the route you want to take? Maybe look into getting some books and going through them to learn that’s what I did. Or look for web design master classes would be more beneficial for you.

  2. tlwfc says:

    Well I got a load of books trouble is I have a little trouble with them, I’m more of a visual learner, video tutorials seem to help me much more as I can see what the teacher is trying to teach me and I can replicate it.

    Although those web design master classes you mentioned sound good but i’ve never heard of them before where can I go to do then and how much do the cost as I can’t afford alot.

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