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You can map minds!? Should Paul McKenna be worried?

on 03/03/2010

Since I’ve had my new phone I’ve found my self connecting and interacting with the virtual world in many different ways. Take this blog for example, if I hadn’t been wandering around Google’s app store I would never have found the WordPress app and signed up. If wasn’t for Twitter I wouldn’t enjoy the up to the second F1 news.

Thinking Space screen shot

Thinking Space screen shot

But another discovery has interested me, mind mapping! This was always something that never really interested me and because of that I never learned what it was or how to do it. But again I was wandering around Google’s app store and found Thinking Space, I was looking for apps to help me study. So I download and installed the app and as a test to see what it can do I mapped about The Little Web Factory.

At the time I was confused as to what I wanted to do with it, so as I started to learn to use Thinking Space I also explored what I wanted to do with The Little Web Factory, what my goals were what direction I wanted the content to take and laying the foundation for the future of the site. One of the major discoveries was that I wanted to create a brand for the site without advertising it as a business as at the time it wasn’t a business but if it were ever to become one then the transition from personal portfolio/blog/information page to a busness would be as seamless for the site as possible.

It took about 10 minutes to learn the basics of mind mapping but the it gives you the ability to fully explore an idea or a concept and something that wasn’t too clear in your mind is now mapped out in front of you and is now much easier to see and to implement. So I recommend mind mapping and if you have an Android powered mobile phone then it  is one of the few essential app’s

For more information try Mind mapping web site and the application Thinking Space website. Also included market bar code so you can find it quickly with your Android phone.

Thank you for your time,
Neil Griffiths

Market link to Thinking Space

Market link to Thinking Space


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