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on 18/03/2010

Left 4 Dead army base map
Based in a British army camp you have to work your way through a town to get there, then work your way through the base to steal a tank. That’s just a very basic out line for the campaign, I will add much more but the basic idea is there.

Apple logo with death star
Basically taking the apple logo and turning it into a Apple shaped death star from the film Star Wars: A New Hope, Return of the Jedi & The Empire Strike Back.

Just an idea I had while on my idea throne (don’t ask, you don’t want to know!) Thought it was a fun idea, struggling with a caption for it, iDeathstar seems a little obvious for my taste. Perhaps I will have a caption competition.

Desktop wallpaper
2880 x 900 desktop wall paper of fallout 3 brotherhood of steel power armour like the one on the games cover, maybe adding some interesting scenes around it. I love making desktop wallpapers and my own machine has a dual monitor setup so the width is huge so I like to span a scene across both.

Other news
I have broken my racing wheel that I use on my pc to play race simulations, not very happy about it as its my favorite way to relax. So for the moment I’m stuck in the paddock without a brake pedal, it’s even more annoying as I’ve only just got rFactor, Gand Prix Legends and GT-R so I can’t even try them out.

Any way, drive safe
Neil Griffiths


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