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Design for free?

on 20/03/2010

I’ve always been in a bind about what to do with clients when it comes to charging, I am an inexperienced designer who has a little knowledge but able to make sites. But in order to improve I take on projects and always do them for free, this is because I feel I am like the trainee dentist, I am still learning my craft and am at a base level of knowledge so to keep projects flowing and to save me from certin problems I do it for free.

A lable with free written on it.

Design for Free?

I suppose its to keep the commitment level for all those involved to a informal level, and I try to get across that I don’t come with any guarantees because I don’t always know if I can deliver on a project. And if I was charging for my time and effort then the customer would be more upset over loss of investment and time than anything else. So far I have done sites for friends and we always have an understanding that I will try to deliver a site for them but if I am unable to then I’m sorry but the project was to big and complex for my current skill level. And they leave feeling a little let down and I will still keep things. In the back of my mind incase I find a way to deliver the site (I never really lay things to rest, just put them on the back burner).

But now and again some one comes along and looks at my work and says “why don’t you charge for this?” Or “Why don’t you start your own business?” And my response is always the same! I am not experienced enough to start doing what I do as a business, also I am not business minded, I don’t know anything about being self employed. Also I feel that having to deal with a business will take quality time away from the work, so I would rather be an employee. But I lack a complete skill set to find employment as a designer (even though I do design work at the moment) or developer.

That is also why I don’t charge, if I charged for my work then I would have to pay tax, national insurance etc and that would make me self employed and I would have a business. I’m not saying I never want to do that but at the moment I prefer not to, and that allows me to devote time and effort to studying design. Now I’m going back to college I can study development, but this is why I do it for free.

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Neil Griffiths

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