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Relaxing evening of racing?

on 28/02/2011

Few things help me relax like jumping onto my computer, firing up my favorite racing game and giving the other drivers hell. I find it quite strange that such an intense and adrenalin fueled sport can make me feel relaxed and at ease with my self. I enjoy nothing more than a good race, but a good race isn’t one where I start from pole and lead the whole race till the flag. It a race where I’ve started low down the order, where I’ve had to fight hard and long with other drivers of a single position and sometimes I might not come first but if I’ve had a good battle and I’ve felt like I have driven to my limit and even beyond it then I feel satisfied.

Winning isn’t important to me, it’s what takes part on the track. Some times it’s not even racing the other drivers, some times it’s just finding what limit I reach first the cars limit or my limit, it’s about improving my knowledge and experience, my desire is to one day do this for real, I don’t care if it’s 25 old men in battered old XR2i’s sliding around in the rain while 5 people look on from under an umbrella. I don’t care if I embarrass my self in the first corner and end up a lap down, I don’t care! all I want is the opportunity to try.

But back to the point, is it unusual that such an activity make me feel so relaxed, I suppose it’s the same for recreational surfers or those that go to the gym multiple times a day, 7 days a week.

What unusual activities do you enjoy that make you relaxed?

Any way, see you on the track!

Note: if you want to race some time I can be found through the various channels that are on my contact page and I welcome any challenge.


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