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Work In Progress

on 17/03/2011

Since last September I’ve been in full time education, studying HND Information Systems. Its a good course and I enjoy studying it, but at the moment I’m falling behind and I need to take action to stop myself from failing. Thing is the cause of this has now lessened considerably but I am still feeling the stress of the aforementioned situation. With the added stress of falling behind and the one thing I do to relieve stress is going to be counter productive.

So I’m in a bit of a catch 22 situation, if I race I neglect my studies and if I study I increase my stress level. One thing I can do is turn my study into a game, if I give my self rule’s and a reward for reaching goals then I could feel some stress relief. But also reward my self with allowing myself some time playing a racing game or Minecraft.

So today I’m going to college then hit the gym for a few hours then home and start the study game.


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