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The Art of Taking Risks!

on 19/03/2011

To Set The Stage

The other day while looking for a video to illustrate my passion for motor sport I came across a book that at first had me feeling dubious about its worth and content but I picked up a little tidbit and…

…two hours later I had peaked my interest and had researched a bit about this book.
The book is called “The Art of Racing in the Rain” and seems like an unusual story about a dog looking at life using motor sports as a metaphor for life. I knew I would love to get this book but I was afraid it will just end up adding another partially read book to my ever-growing collection.

So a few days later on trip to London with my wife and brother in-law, I saw it in a book shop and before you knew it *ping* I had got it. Noe the unusual thing here is that I read it in a week (normally for me I usually have trouble finishing a book even ones I really like.)


I was so enthralled that I could hardly put it down, it engaged me and I felt comfortable with the whole story and it made me think “what would I do if I was Denny?” or “What would I do if I was Enzo?” It made me love the characters and the story flowed, simply and concisely. The point of view from which the story was told is unusual but refreshing and the motor racing techniques turned metaphor resonated with me on a deeply personal level.

But then this leads me on to…

How some times I often fret over whether or not to do something or accept something. A good example is, a friend once offered to speak to someone they knew about letting me be a driver on a real racing team in a real car. this is a dream come true for me and I should have said yes, I should have stood up and hugged him and said a thousand thank you’s. But I didn’t! I did what I always do, I sat there and though “I’m too fat, too unfit, I’ve never driven a car for more than an hour in real life and I don’t even have a licence!” my only experience is years and years of playing simulations on my computer, Sports car GT, Gran Turismo 1-2-3 & 4, Forza 1 & 2, Live for speed, rFactor, GT-R, Race 07, DiRT 1 & 2, WRC 2010, Richard Burns Rally, F1 2010 and many other arcade racers.

So the idea scared me, so I said no, I wasn’t willing to take the risk even though it was something I wanted more than anything. And the risk I was afraid of wasn’t getting into the car and driving it at high-speed, it was that I felt completely unprepared. But recently I’ve been going through some changes, me and my family have been faced with some very difficult problems and it’s been hard to go about our daily lives. I lost my aunt to cancer in the past few weeks, and in an attempt to distract my self from the situation I watched a film called “Yes Man” and even though it’s just an idea based of the book by the same name, the idea it try’s to put across made me think I need to stop saying no to the things I want, even if I think I am not prepared for them.

While reading “The Art of Racing in the Rain”, I came across a little passage that also has helped me adjust my outlook on my life and add some positivity back into my life. “the car goes where the eyes go,” meaning simply that when things go wrong if you start focusing on the bad and the worst case scenario then that is what’s likely to happen, but if you remain positive and plan for a positive outcome then you can recover from what ever has gone wrong.

Some times its hard to keep focus when everything around you is falling apart, as I said earlier I lost my aunt the other week but that was the biggest thing me and my wife have had to deal with but not the only thing. There’s been at least 2 other family members who are seriously ill at the moment, Vicky my wife has also lost her driver’s licence on medical grounds. I’ve been trying to carry on my uni course and deal with not having any money, but we have remained resolute and objective and I feel we are coming out the other side of it. Reminds me of another racing metaphor “in order to finish first, first you have to finish”, so even in the face of  all the trouble we’ve faced these past moths we are not only holding it together but adapting and growing. But without the love and support of my wife a lot of what I face would become insurmountable hurdles that would probably leave me nowhere. Thank you Vicky for always being there, and I love you very much.


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  1. Kelvin says:

    Thats very truthful

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