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Wow, busy don’t even cover it!

on 04/04/2011

This past 3 weeks have been a real roller coaster, but I continue to push my self. I’ve just spent the past 24 hours researching and writing 4600 word essay that has to be handed in and already writing in my blog and It’s not even been an hour since I finished it.

Here’s a run down on the coaster ride I’m on, this past moth I’ve been to a funeral, a wedding, visit the gym at least twice a week, working on four assignments and two coursework, keeping the house tidy (ish) traveling everywhere by bus (due to unfortunate circumstances), shopping, cooking, enjoying the start of the formula one season, getting some unfortunate news and some fantastic news (still waiting for my Dad to confirm it though) and a million little things I can’t remember.

But now I’m tired, I’m sleep depraved and looking forward to my bed when I get home from college. I just got to get through this day, hand in my assignment and do my presentation for my other assignment.

Wish me luck, I need it! And the large can of red bull in my bag.

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