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Future Name Change

on 04/05/2011

Very sorry to do this to every one but I’ve come to the decision that WTF!!! isn’t really a name and might put some people off from reading such a blog.

I am toying with the idea of calling it “Not safe for mass consumption!” again not much in the way of a name but I though it might give a hint that not every thing here is going to be to everyone’s taste. but this may also put people off before they have had a chance to really try it.

I am having trouble finding something I like that suits the tone, and I may have my wife Vicky joining in on her writing articles so I want something that she would be happy to write under and show to her friends and family with out a second thought.

So if any one has a good suggestion let me know but also this is advance warning that the name may change (possibly more than once).


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