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Long time no posts (another “to busy to blog” post)

on 02/02/2012

So this is what’s been going on

Well the title does a good job of summing this post up, but since I went back to college in September I’ve been throwing my self into my study’s. But problems arose the day after we broke up for Christmas, I came down with a very aggressive viral infection. This was then followed by “post viral fatigue” and had a bigger impact on me, my body and my work than just the virus.

After many visits to my doctor, many tests and many hours sleeping, I started to feel well. Two months from getting ill till now and I am now feeling well but still recovering. Problem is I’ve missed much work, and I have to avoid the stress I would need to put my self under to catch up.

Because of this I decided that I am going to sit out the remainder of this year and start afresh this September. This could mean more writing here, and I will post some stuff that I had made while I’ve been away.

And this is what I’ve been up to

One of the things I’ve been getting into is a new racing sim/game (not too sure what direction they are taking at the moment.) called C.A.R.S. or Community Assisted Racing Simulation, more info can be found by going to WMD Portal where people can sign up and get involved.

click image to play video

cars play video

And I also made a collection of clips of crashes from various races in a few different games, it quickly became my fastest grossing views on any video. Says a lot about what people want but it is a good video. Edited entirely in Linux using PiTiVi video editor.

Link to You Tube video

Link to a collection of crash clips

I also purchased a 23″ LED monitor and got £20 of the store price, I got this because I wanted something with a resolution that is a recognised standard so this will do a full 1080p picture. This is so I can produce HD content in a standard HD resolution. This means that I have retired my dual monitor setup for the time being but I have a project in mind for my spare monitors at a later date.

So the first video I shot using this is me drifting a Ford RS200 in slow motion, this video was shot using FRAPs and I did nothing to edit or even compress this video I just uploaded the raw file straight to You Tube so it retains the best quality. The only compression is what You Tube do to all videos, the original file was 1.3 gb.

Click image to play you tube video of a slow motion drift

Drifting in a For RS200 filmed in slow motion in full HD

This has been a quick update and I hope to put  more stuff up here for everyone soon, I’ve got a lot up my sleeve but you will all have to wait for that.

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