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on 31/05/2012

Just stealing a very good blog post from my friend. We were wondering what the “Reblog” button did.

world of @phill_jenkins

So many times do I hear that PC gaming is dead from people that have not stepped anywhere near a PC for anything other than social sites, catch up TV or quick gander at Youtube for years.  This seems to be a commen misconception amongst people I know, they believe that the console is king and refuse to budge on it, refuse to take note that (in my opinion) the console has almost had its day and that the current format of console gaming will have to change to survive, and to change it will have to become more like a PC.

We now live in a world with Iphones every year from Apple, a new tablet out every few, probably around 80 new Andriod phones come out a year (guessing here just so I have a number) and thats not including Win7 or android tablets, so in reality if…

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