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Why I hate TV

on 01/06/2012

In the beginning

When I was a little boy I loved watching TV, just like any ordinary kid. Between 4 and 12 I used to get up early every Saturday and Sunday to watch the cartoons and shows like “Going Live” and “Games Master”. If fact I learned sarcasm from watching Dominic Diamond putting down some teen with that sarcastic Scottish wit! I also learned that a floating astronomers head could give me cheats for my favorite games.

As I got older and my tastes changed, I wanted to watch stuff that was a little more adult without being boring. And because I was into drawing, I was attracted to strong visual style of Manga and anime, I loved the intricate story’s of the “Ghost in the Shell” series and movie’s. In fact I still enjoy them today, along with “Patlabor”, “Akira” and more recently “Full Metal Alchemist” and “Initial D” (what can I say, I LOVE racing!).

The Classics

Throughout my youth I built an appreciation of classic TV, from the original “Star Trek” to “Columbo” and “The man from uncle” to name a few. All were well written and well produced and provided hours of entertainment for a young boy.

again as I grew older my taste evolved, I started enjoying the British thrillers like “Cracker”, “Wire in the Blood”, “Spooks” and one that some may not of heard about “Ultraviolet” (although more of a supernatural thriller).


Today I watch mostly Motors TV and documentaries or I’ll visit the cinema. Or I watch internet tv (Jupiter Broadcasting with the Linux Action Show, TechSnap, Unfilter and the Faux show and there’s the TWiT network) or YouTube (Mystery Science Theater 3000, bashcraft, Philly D, 20 mins or less etc).

I also enjoy Big Bang Theory, Board Walk Empire, Dexter, House and The IT Crowd. But I miss the thrillers I used to enjoy and the BBC have dumbed down their programming.

What has happened

TV today is all about stupid reality shows that have nothing to do with reality, or game shows that are more about luck than any show of knowledge or skill. Chat shows that delight in dragging on the detestable, destitute, socially inept, awkward or anti social scum. Then using a misguided sense of superiority to judge and “help” / demonize them.

Then there’s the talent(less) competitions that enjoy deluding people in to thinking anyone can become famous. Creating a false sense of drama by having one overly critical judge and the rest of the panel being easily won over.

What to do?

This shower of shit that I’m being force fed only sickens me more. “well don’t watch it!” I hear people say but when I go on the internet, people are talking about it or when I’m out and about I end up faced with it.

I could learn to live with it if there were more content that appeals to me. If TV evolved to what it keeps promising to, then almost everyone would be happy with the content. But big TV networks are unimaginative entities that keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. Until it stops making money then they move on to the next formulaic money spinner and bleed that dry.

So I’ve had enough, I’m off to get my own entertainment. Roll your own if you will.


2 responses to “Why I hate TV

  1. Going to get a cuppa coffee and read through this. Then finish my own blog for the day 🙂 See ya in a bit.

  2. Nice, I feel the same way to be honest. The only manufactured thing I watch is Top Gear and that is for the fact they and everyone else knows it is blatantly scripted which in this case adds to its charm.

    I was laughed at with great enthusiasm only a few days ago when asking “What is The Voice”, apparently another X factor style “Talent” show for singing, well at least they are keeping it original…….. ow no wait!

    I too miss the TV of the past, just one show a week from each of the major terrestrial channels would be enough to satisfy my need for original programming. I will say though that the BBC and Channel 4 do a nice line in comedy panel shows that I do partake in and find mostly very amusing but apart from that I don’t even switch on the TV any more. Come to think of it even the things I do watch on TV however few and far between are on catch up TV, I could actually sell the TV in the house and not think twice about it.

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