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Helping hand

on 02/06/2012

What I do.

I like to give people help where I can and in a way that I can, usually this takes the form of my time and knowledge. Some times its just being there and helping set up and clean up, I often help a charity called Bobath with fate’s and fairs and the like. I go with Vicky and sometimes my mum and we’ll help set up stalls and my mum and vicky run what ever stall we are on and I go around doing odd bits here and there and keeping Vicky and mum in drinks and food and covering for a few minuite while they go the loo.

I also help friends with problems they might be having with they’re computer’s, and will often give away parts that I can spare. And in return I get parts and PC’s donated to me, I then recycle what I can’t use and repurpose what I can. This has always worked well as it gives me experience and a stock of spare parts and my friends get a service that they might have to pay a lot of money for. I, Vicky, Lynne (mum) and a few other family members also give a lot to the Bobath charity shop.

Why do I do it?

I like being helpful, if I can do somthing to help then I will. I also like to see people do well and if I help then I get a feeling of having been a part, large or small in they’re success.

A stranger is just someone you haven’t talked to yet.

When I help people I don’t just help friends, it could be anyone. I don’t pick and choose, some times It’s just some person I come across in the street.

How to help

As already mentioned Bobath, they could always do with help, check the Far Lands or Bust YouTube page to help raise money for Childs Play. Hob Nob’s and Murder is a friendly gaming comunity that need money to run the servers and eventually we would like to have charity fund raising events.

Then here’s someone who is trying to open source the software he makes and put it out there free for all to use. But to do this he needs help, he has a baby, a wife and some goats to support, so to help him go to and read about the support you can give. Bryan Lunduke makes awesome and is trying to change how open source apps are funded and you can find out more about him on his blog and on the Linux Action Show on Jupiter Broadcasting. Also if you feel extra helpful go to Jupiter Broadcasting and see how to help them, but just giving the shows a view and spreading the word if you like it or know some one who would is a big help.

Also if you have the time and are interested in gaming and the point of view of a gaming consumer, pay this blog a visit and give him a read, he does also write about other things.

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  1. Nice one Neil,

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