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A Few Changes

on 17/07/2012

I’ve decided that it was time for a few changes here on my blog, so I’m starting by changing the theme and again the name and tag line. I’m also thinking about making some different types of posts that I currently don’t do here and some vblogs that I’m currently working on.

At the moment though I got a few computers to fix, (two reinstalls and another machine that needs a physical clean.) plus a reinstall and reorganization of my current computer, a twitter background for my wife and also some reorganization of the gaming community HN&M.

Also doing some programming courses on the website, and the python tutorials on raspberry pi tutorials on YouTube.

I also re designed my wifes twitter profile for her with this image.

My wife’s new Twitter background.

and profile pic.

8-Bit style picture of my wife

8-Bit style picture of my wife made for Twitter.

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