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Technical difficulties

Due to some technical problems I cannot bring you the post I previously promised. This is a minor set back and will be resolved soon, thank you for your time.

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WTF! What happened to this weeks blog post?

Well there is a good reason why there is no blog post this week (other than this short) I have been to the gym, cinema, sushi, a wedding, my wifes parents house, catching up on college work and watching the start of the formula one season (oh and working on my next blog post)

But I felt the current blog post I’m working on needs more research and polish before posting.

Although I saw Limitless in the cinema, very good film, thought it was quite enjoyable. And congratulations to Elizabeth and Lyndon Payne.

Any way I’m off to get some sleep, until next time.

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Back once again…

It’s been a while and I know I said I hadn’t forgotten about this blog and in all honesty I hadn’t, but things got very busy. It got to the stage where writing in here was like going to the gym, take a few days off and eventually it gets harder and harder to get back into it. So here it is, over the last year ish I got a job that I really enjoyed working in Fields Data Recovery, then I left to go back to college to work on getting a HND in Information Systems and that is where I am currently at.

On a personal note me and my wife now have a cat called Rainbow, she’s very pretty and we love her very much, we have also celebrated our first year of wedded bliss. Although over christmas leading untill now we have been dealing with some very serious family problems and soon I will loose my aunt to cancer. It is a very sad time but I don’t wish to dwell on things I cannot change, I turn my attention to the future.

So if you have ever read this blog before you may have noticed I have changed the name, this is because I originally started this as a blog about my web design and as a bit of a portfolio. But after my time away from it and comming back to this the way I have, my Idea’s about this have changed and I want different things from this now. Originally this blog was called “The Little Web Factory” and I just wanted to change it to one of my favorate phrases instead “WTF!!!” this I will not explain what it mean’s, a simple google search will do.

So anyway, this basically a place for me to vent about stuff and be completely ignored by the world, but I couldn’t be ignored if I don’t put it out there! Also just for amusement here’s something that happened to me just moments ago.

facebook image

Duh moment

It looks like some one didn’t read the title or the description or listen to the audio!

Anyway, it’s good to be back!

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More projects

Left 4 Dead army base map
Based in a British army camp you have to work your way through a town to get there, then work your way through the base to steal a tank. That’s just a very basic out line for the campaign, I will add much more but the basic idea is there.

Apple logo with death star
Basically taking the apple logo and turning it into a Apple shaped death star from the film Star Wars: A New Hope, Return of the Jedi & The Empire Strike Back.

Just an idea I had while on my idea throne (don’t ask, you don’t want to know!) Thought it was a fun idea, struggling with a caption for it, iDeathstar seems a little obvious for my taste. Perhaps I will have a caption competition.

Desktop wallpaper
2880 x 900 desktop wall paper of fallout 3 brotherhood of steel power armour like the one on the games cover, maybe adding some interesting scenes around it. I love making desktop wallpapers and my own machine has a dual monitor setup so the width is huge so I like to span a scene across both.

Other news
I have broken my racing wheel that I use on my pc to play race simulations, not very happy about it as its my favorite way to relax. So for the moment I’m stuck in the paddock without a brake pedal, it’s even more annoying as I’ve only just got rFactor, Gand Prix Legends and GT-R so I can’t even try them out.

Any way, drive safe
Neil Griffiths

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