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Bloody Hand


My cat Rainbow, she’s got long, fine fur. Very loving and quite timid, she also has a mild heart condition. Because her fur is fine and long it tends to knot and matte.


She is not very cooperative in letting us tend to her knots and runs away.


In the past we’ve used brushes, scissors, a cheap beard trimmer. But she just doesn’t like being tended to in anyway.


Summer Sun

When summer FINALLY got started we noticed the cat wasn’t dealing with the heat to well. So we decided to help her out a bit. After a chat with groomers in pets at home we found they would not help because of her heart.

Pet Clippers

So we got some pet Clippers and decided to trim her fur down so she’ll be a bit cooler and cut out her knots.

The clippers seem to be of a very professional grade and quite noisy. In fact as noisy as a tattoo artists stylus (or what ever It’s called.).


This was a major problem as it made her more jumpy than normal. So we tried some herbal sedative, but no luck. Me and Vicky carried on, eventually we got her to let me start shaving, and she calmed a little. But then she would suddenly panic and launch her self out of someone’s arms.

Dash for Freedom

Each time she would fight to get free of whom ever held her, her claws would do considerable damage. And twice she hurt her self in the process, first landing awkwardly and second hitting a wooden chair. Luckily she didn’t injure her self but the blind panic was cause for concern also.


Battle Wounds

Vicky received a claw deep in her temple and a scratch to the cheek. Several claws buried deep in her neck and chest.

I got two scratches across the back of my hand. One light and one very deep. Several scratches to the elbow and three very deep cuts to my wrist.


Not looking forward to the healing process, typically cat scratches result in infected wounds. This I assume is due to bacteria on the claws, not helped by the fact we lack anti bacterial ointments or prepperations.


So we have a sore and disgruntled cat and two badly sliced humans. But at least we’ve had signs of forgiveness from the cat, a few fusses and licks of the hand.

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