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Interesting links for more information on varying subjects.

A List Apart –
A List Apart is written for and created by Jeffery Zeldman who has written a few books about web design and accessibility, well worth a read.

HTML dog –
HTML dog is an excellent site,is one of the best resources for learning how to code valid and accessable XHTML and CSS. Patrick Griffiths who created the site also has written a book that contains all the tutorials that are covered on the site so you can learn from what ever media is more comfortable for you.

CSS Tricks –
CSS Tricks is an excellent site for information about using CSS in your web pages and in WordPress themes. There is also a video pod cast that I highly recommend for learning very useful tricks and techniques using CSS.

CSS Zen Garden –
CSS Zen Garden is one of the best showcases for using valid CSS and XHTML, the page consists of a description of the project and links to different designs. Every time you change the design it is only the CSS file that changes not the XHTML. Well worth a look!

Apple Gate Studios –
A very good site containing web design information that is quite complete, covering everything from coding XHTML, CSS but also layout information. The site is run by my good friend Matthew Hillman who is a fulltime Web Developer and also freelance Web Designer/Developer. Highly recommend Matthew, his work is always visually stunning and technically correct.

Doive Designs –
Doive Designs are a growing web design and development company based in Dinas Powys and Radyr, Cardiff but they do work with clients worldwide. There are many packages on offer to for most web design and hosting needs.

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